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Three “Fruit Vehicles” that protect fruit from being bashed and bruised and double as toys.

Icelandic Children’s TV show “LazyTown” is the fastest selling TV children’s TV programme in history, and is watched by kids in over 30 countries. The creation of Magnus Shriving, who plays the lead character, “Sporticus”, the series was funded by Nickelodeon, and advocates exercise and healthy eating. Sporticus encourages viewers to eat “Sports Candy”, which to you or I means, “Fruit and vegetables”. I met Magnus and received a brief to devise some Lazytown products that make “Sports Candy” more attractive to kids, and that could be sold in supermarkets alongside Sporticus themed bags of fruit.

Based on a concept devised by David Holmstrom, David and I created the CAD drawings and specifications for an Apple Helicopter, Pear Dragster, and Banana Plane that could be mass manufactured. The wheels clip on to the axles.