Kids can create simple vehicles and walking bases and then customise them with their own bricks. The five models give a great starting point, but the aim is that children can ‘boost’ anything that they create in LEGO using the hub, components and coding app.

LEGO Boost
Build – Code – Play

I arrived at LEGO late in the development of Boost. Simon Kent and the team did an amazing job developing the product and I had the pleasure of seeing it launched within a few months of arriving in the business. The set has 847 pieces that can be made into five different models then bought alive by ‘coding’ their behaviours. Coding blocks are designed to be as self explanatory as possible and invite experimentation. The original brief was to take LEGO Mindstorms ‘down in age’ to create a compelling and accessible product that enables kids aged 7-12 to learn about coding in a really fun way. It turns out incorporating as many variations and varieties of fart noises is a good way to do this! Here’s a video