Beauty in the Making Range

A range of products that illustrate how they have been made and what they are made from

The invention and manufacture of even the simplest of products has been built upon decades of development, and has required hours of thought, ingenuity and endeavour. From the extraction and refining of materials, to the design of manufacturing machinery and production processes.

The “Beauty in the Making” range celebrates all that goes into the manufacture of even the simplest of products. Each product in the range is covered in an intricate surface print that tells the story of how its constituent material was produced, and how the product itself was manufactured. From growing Cotton, to refining Bauxite to make Aluminium, the range aims to highlight what beauty there is in “Making”.

The process of making something from Cotton is labour and resource intensive.




Aluminium is refined from its ore, Bauxite. It’s extremely energy intensive to make first time around, and far easier to produce by recycling.



Something as commonplace as a Mug, had a fascinating story, before it reaches the shops.




The process of producing a glass, at 1440 Degrees  is remarkable.