Vac-pack-wrap3 Vac-pack-wrap2Vac Pack Wrapping

A re-usable Christmas themed Vacuum Bag for speedy gift-wrapping

Wrapping up presents always seems to take ages, I’m not very neat when I do it, and after the presents are opened there seems to be piles of wrapping paper everywhere, which seems a bit wasteful.

I remembered using some vacuum pack bags to store away a duvet. It occurred to me that if these were produced opaque, with Christmas patterns, these would make a great way of wrapping things quickly, and having something that could be reused over and over. I tested the idea, and it works well, and is actually really satisfying to do. They only problem is that you might have to adds some padding, or combine two presents on one bag, as it can be quite easy to guess what the present is, as its shape is so clearly defined!